Friday, 5 November 2010

Stop smoking

Wanna try to stop?

I'm thinking about my Facebook page. What I found there? Some interesting news (in Italy a politician, Nicky Vendola, updates his status at least two times at day). Some news posted by me (mainly blog uploads and shared links). And a lot of (useless) status uploads and a lot of not very interesting news (some are near to spam). I start thinking to unsubscribe from the "Blue Social Network", because all interesting news can be found with a good RSS reader, but soon I realize I can't.
Facebook isn't a "funny site" anymore: it's the "main street" of internet comunication. Your Facebook page is your business card to the world, more than your blog or your web site. It's the best place to put your advertising, 'cause it will be sent to all your Facebook contacts.
You ARE your Facebook page; you ARE the news you post and the links you share. All these informations draw your profile to the other Facebook users.
When someone is looking for you, he will go to Facebook. I can survive without Facebook, using just iChat connected to Facebook's jabber server; but all other social activities (publicize a movie, a post on my blog or just share a newspaper article) can be done only with Facebook.
Facebook is a powerful tool, but for some days I felt sad on last sessions. Why?
My answer (just my 5 cents) is simple. I feel like when I tried to stop smoking: I felt strange some days because I didn't know what to do. Smoking was like a "filler", a way to don't get bored while I didn't any activity.
When you're on a boring office, with no chance to talk about interesting things with your colleagues, what can you do? Connect to the blue site.
Well, I decide to stop "facebooking" with no reason. I stop using it with a precise idea about what to do in it: no "busy wait" for a chat, not looking all 200 demotivational posters 'cause I don't know what to do. I'll start to use it conscientiously, as the last BBSs' offspring.

Take a look to this old soviet device. It was created three years before Photoshop 1.0. Interesting :)

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