Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Last of the Patriots

The Game
Paul Davis is a game designer and a programmer. He worked on "Manhunt" and "Grand Theft Auto" as level designer. Two years ago, following a link, I found his site, «Lastofthepatriots.com» (unlucky, now it's a dead-link), where mr. Davis hosted the omonimous project. In «Last of the Patriots» (I and II), he created a game engine from scratch, using OpenGL and Audiere as base. His main objective was to write a game focused on story, moral decision and player involvment. The result was «Last of the Patriots», which can be defined as a "Visual novel with a Zelda-Like visualization": you will not shot so much and there's no special-FX or 3D graphics. Last of the Patriots has a story, based on a movie script. You will be surprised about how your feelings will change playing with this game. "Last of the Patriots" is an interesting game experience and I suggest you to give it a try.

The Technical Notes
After a while, I sent an e-mail to Paul Davis, asking him some technical informations. I was really interested about indipendent video-game development and I recived his reply with enthousiasm. I was not disappointed: mr. Davis was exaustive and well prepared.
First: he used OpenGL for graphics and Audiere for the audio parts. A port to other operating systems, anyway, shouldn't be easy, because the input is managed by the win32 API (OpenGL hasn't a great input manager). All the graphics was realized using a 3D program to modelize and animate. Every frame is a shot done to this animated models.
Game logic is realized with an embeded scripting engine written by Davis. I can't say so much about that, because I didn't find any script.
The whole game engine it's coded using C (no C or Objective-C) for personal choice (he prefear to use C). He admits, anyway, for a similiar game, Java could work well.

I encurage to play with with «Last of the Patriots» and its sequel, because some misteries (first of all, the title) are explained. I don't know if the official website will go online again, but you can still download the binary from this link.
Last of the patriots is a very particular game. Give it a try: it could open to you new interesting prospectives. Mr. Davis said he write it to focusing on story instead on graphics.
He did it.


FABIO said...

Finally! :)

Davide said...

Too bad he focused so much on story he forgot to refine the game play, which is a major turn off for a videogame.
Sluggish and awkward controls really doesn't add to the experience...