Monday, 18 February 2013

Aqueduct on GitHub

If you're a writer and you like to write screenplays for theatre or movies (as me), maybe you know Fountain, a markup language realized to give you a simple, easy and elegant way to manage your scripts.

Using just plain text, Fountain distinguishes
  1. Scene headers
  2. Dialogues
  3. Actions
I really like Fountain syntax: it's clean, it's plain text and it doesn't require commands as LaTeX or tags as XML. Just plain text you can easily edit even on Google Driver. You can use your favorite text editor (VIM, EMACS, BBText, TextEdit, notepad, ecc.) or change it. Unluckily, there's not a FOSS stand-alone program to convert your Fountain file to another format (such as XML, LaTeX, HTML, ecc.)... until February 16 2013.

I put on GiHub my first GPLed program, Aqueduct. Aqueduct reads a Fountain file and prints out a LaTeX or a XML source.
Additional output formats could be realized writing a Python class to extends AqueductDriver. A HTML driver is almost ready.
This code is still in beta, but I invite you to try Aqueduct, test it, sending me your feedback and helping me to enhance this program.

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