Monday, 18 April 2011

Nobody can choose how to trash

Today I read an interesting letter sent from Ted Evans of Techrunch to Steve Jobs. He said

Please give us garbage collection

When you say "garbage collection" you always think to Java, to its slowness and to its inefficency. I think, instead, about days spent to detect a memory-leak error, when I was near to the deploy deadline. Working with iOS is wonderfull, but can also gives you headache if you aren't enough careful. Useless to say, when you have to realize a 4000-rows-of-code in two days, it's hard to be "enough careful"!

Ok, I admit a garbage collector could makes programs slow. But if I could use it when I want and if I could dealloc objects when I want, I could realize a "slow" version in time. Slow as you want, but it will not crash because of memory overflow, segmentation faults, ecc.
In next version, with more time, I could analize the code, optimizing memory use and detecting overflows and errors.
So, yes: I would like a Garbage Collector. But activable only when I want.

Can you recognize the man on the "wanted" poster on this TechRunch article? Well, our prime minister (I am italian) isn't very admired in other countries

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