Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The endless VIM vs EMACS debate

Many programmers prefer using VIM instead of EMACS. They claims it's better because it's faster, smaller and easier to configure.
What to say about?
In these days I wrote a small iPhone framework in python. It requires a TAB-separated-Table as input. I used Aquamacs to write this input file and my program crashed. Why? Aquamans inserted some tab characters, I don't know why.
I rewrite that input with VIM and all worked well.
Another "life case": I tried to install lua-mode on a Windows 2000 workstation and on my MacBook Pro. I failed in both cases. I think after two tries, a system is not enough user friendly, so i give up.
Confused? It's normal. VIM has a easier learning curve. It's boring to write tons of code, but it could be more usefull than EMACS. EMACS is good if you accept an "evolutionary model", where you write day-by-day your .emacs file.

And if you are tired, there's always JEdit :)

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