Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tutorials and Protests

Just some random thoughts
About Tutorials
Some months ago, I was surprised for the «Tech-Blog-Silence». Many blogs about GNU/Linux and FOSS stop to write saying «there's nothing to say». Obviously, if you talk just about GNU/Linux Desktop there's not always a revolution to talk about. How many years we waited to pass from X11 to And how many to pass to Wayland? In this blog I would talk about programming, computer science, sometimes about math and often about technological trends.
I would like to write some tutorials about Java, iOS programming. Maybe also about C++/QT and pure C and python and Lua. If you have some preferences, please tell me.
Obviously, I'll continue to write my annoying rants :)

Meanwhile, in Italy: Demonstrations and Prime Minister
In Italy, protests against new university law (Decreto Gelmini) continues, moving students and professors. Italian Prime Minister said "True students are at home, studying". I disagree this statement: everybody, in a democratic country, can express his ideas and, even if there are always some extremist factions, it's unfair to despise ALL demonstrators.

Meanwhile, in Italy: Wikileaks and Prime Minister
All goverments are trying to controll the recent wikileaks flood, hunting for Julian Assange, investigation to find the chatterbox. In Italy, the Prime Minister say that all leakes about him are just lies. He says goverment works well and these infamous informations was provided by payed girls, fourth-category politicians or communist newspapers.
I didn't know that to be vice-abassador of USA in Italy is a «fouth-category» office, neither that «The Guardian», «The Economist» and «The New York Times» are pro-communism.
Maybe in Italy we are detached from reality.

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