Friday, 29 October 2010

iPhone SDK Troubles - UIPageController

«I'm sorry if yesterday I didn't post anything, but I was busy. I did first shoots of my first movie with friends of mine, Fabio and Tommaso. We worked well for this project and they gave me their enthusiasm and their grit. Soon I'll show you something about this new job»

«I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that»
First article of my «iPhone SDK Troubles» serie. Today I'll talk about a annoying problem: the impossibility to customize the look of a UIPageController.
Problem is simple: I want to change background color and dots on a UIPageControl. As far as I know, after long search, there's no a way approved by Apple to change UIPageControl dots. This means you can still change their look (on this article there's the explanation), but the application could not be approved in the App Store.
You can still change the background in two way:

  1. if you just want to change the background color, just set it on Interface Builder
  2. if you want a background image, place a UIImageView under the UIPageViewController and set its background with opacity at 0%
I think it's ironic I can change the background and no the dots. They're always white, so a light background make them invisible. I hope in Apple they consider to add an API to manage them.